Thursday, 16 September 2010

The starting note..

I welcome myself to Blogger!!And all readers of this blog!

So much for introductions....

   I had been hosting my blog on, a site suggested to me by a  good friend in college, and for the past 4 years I have rambled on various topics. People have benignly read, given their honest opinion, and shared many anecdotes..

All fresh posts kept showing up on a home page, and it was very easy to stumble upon great pieces of writing. You could read one article by someone, and get enchanted to read lots many, enter friendly entries into contests, and forge a mutual admiration society with totally unknown people...

I haven't explored Blogger much, and I hope it hides many such facets....but only reading blogs of people you know is almost like eating the same menu week after week; you do love the dishes, but at times do care for some change of palate, something totally unexpected and awesome!

So I begin my Blogger journey, with gratitude to all readers, accidental or intentional.....if comments/criticism do come my way...shall take them with a pinch of sugar/salt :))

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